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  • How long does it take you to finish a cover?
    It depends on our schedule, the complexity of the project, and other factors. In general, it can take 1-2 weeks to create a cover, although it can sometimes take a little longer.
  • What's the process for commissioning a custom cover?
    First, make sure you contact us regarding availability. Once we've added your cover to the schedule, we'll send a design brief (questionnaire) for you to fill out. You'll need to pay the $50 deposit, which goes towards the final cost of the cover artwork. Then we'll contact you to discuss your vision for the project. We'll do research to identify popular trends in your niche or genre and provide you with a design concept (a sketch or rough draft) for you to approve. Once you approve that concept art, we'll get to work creating the final version. You'll have a chance to review its progress along the way and request revisions, if needed. Once you're satisfied with the artwork and you've paid the invoice in full, we'll send you the final, high-resolution files.
  • What are the refund/cancellation policies?
    The $50 deposit is refundable within a week of booking your commission. After that date, it is not refundable. For custom cover commissions, once final artwork has been approved and final files delivered, refunds are not available.
  • Where do you get your photos? Can you use client provided photos?
    We get all images from stock photo sites, including Deposit Photos and Shutterstock. With a few exceptions, we prefer not to use client photos, as we cannot always ascertain who holds the copyright or whether a model release has been signed.
  • Do you sell each design only once?
    Yes! Custom or premade, all of our artwork is unique, and we will only sell it once.
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